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Know anything about British Rumex?

I wonder if anyone could tell me how British species of Rumex (dock) are differentiated? Water dock, broad-leaf dock, curled-leaf dock and sorrel? Apart from appearances what makes these plants able to share the environment ie. do they have different soil moisture threshold etc.?

Know anything about British Rumex?
That's a good question which could be applied to any species within the same genus. Generally they will have different nutritional requirements or thrive in different conditions - for example, broad-leaved dock thrives in eutrophic soils, curled dock likes wetter conditions and sorrel thrives in poorer, more disturbed ground.
Reply:Why not have a look at Wikipedia. I guess though that different types of dock %26amp; sorrel just took different routes at some stage in their evolution and, like many of the other similar plants, now co-exist because that's what's available!

Shark Teeth

Confused? Please ,if you could enlighten me?

Sorrel? I do not remember that, at any pony club rally? Would I be right to assume they are talking Liver Chestnut?

Confused? Please ,if you could enlighten me?
You are not the only confused one...but its chestnut with a paler mane and tail. We dont have the same names for colours as our overseas colleagues. There was one the other day, Grulla, that floored me! I THINK its a sort of mouse dun but sounds more like a nasty ailment!
Reply:Actually it is chestnut with a red cast. The mane and tail have nothing to do with it. The paler mane and tail is just referred to as flaxen mane and tail. At least in the US. Report It

Reply:Light Chestnut??? Report It

Reply:–noun 1. light reddish-brown.

2. a horse of this color, often with a light-colored mane and tail.

–adjective 3. of the color sorrel.

I had never heard it either but I loked up the dictonary definition and a picture
Reply:just another name for a chestnut horse, but not a liver chestnut.
Reply:I'm pretty sure the AQHA recognizes sorrel as separate from chestnut (I got a free poster of horse colors, and sorrel was specified.), with a sorrel being lighter than a regular chestnut horse. There's a horse at our barn that they call a sorrel, and she's a very light chestnut, although I always refer to her as chestnut. I'm not sure what her papers say.
Reply:Sorrel is chestnut, yes. Sorrel and chestnut are essentially the same exact thing, but I think that 'sorrel' is more of a western term, where 'chestnut' is more english (not trying to offend people!!) It's the same thing with the term 'canter.' In english riding, it's called 'canter' but in western it's called 'loping' but it's the same thing. So basically it's terminology between different riding styles.
Reply:Sorrel is chestnut, but in the quarter horse. I have Morgans %26amp; they are chestnut, not sorrel.
Reply:I think it's more like a bright chestnut with chestnut mane and tail.

Edit - apparently not - it's chestnut.
Reply:While sorrel and chestnut may be considered the same color, they may also be considered a different color. Liver Chestnut can be considered a third color.

Chestnut would be a light, orange brown with a flaxen main and tail:

Sorrel - a more reddish brown with a darker mane and tail.

A liver Chestnut is darker yet, but not as dark as a brown horse, often with dapples and unlike a brown, no light points:

A brown horse has no reddish look to him and has lighter brown around the muzzle, eyes and around the flank and belly. Often they look black with lighter points.

(My original link to a brown horse was better, but YA didn't like it.)
Reply:My horse is registered as a sorrel with AQHA...
Reply:Sorrel is one of the most common equine coat colors in horses. While it is usually used to refer to a copper-red shade of chestnut horse, in some places it is used generically in place of the term "chestnut" to describe any reddish horse with a same-color or lighter mane and tail, ranging from reddish-gold to a deep burgundy or chocolate shade. The term probably comes from the color of the flower spike of the sorrel herb.

The term "chestnut" is also used to describe horses of a reddish-brown color. Chestnut is more often used to describe this color in England and on the east coast of the USA, while the term "sorrel" is more common in the Western United States. Some horse enthusiasts insist that chestnut and sorrel are two distinct colorations, but there is no clear consensus on what the distinction is. Some argue that "sorrel" should be used to describe only lighter shades, or shades with a very clear reddish tint, while "chestnut" denotes darker shades or shades with more brown in them. The American Quarter Horse Association, which uses both terms, describes a sorrel as a type of copper-red chestnut, but allows that chestnut is also a correct term.

In terms of equine coat color genetics there is no difference at all. Solid reddish-brown color is a base color of horses, caused by the recessive "e" gene.

Sorrel or chestnut coloration can be distinguished from dun by the fact that a dun horse has a gene that causes slightly washed-out yellowish color, with a darker mane and tail than the rest of its coat, may have bars of darker color on the shoulder and forelegs, and also possesses a narrow, dark line down the middle of the back.

A sorrel and a bay, especially a "blood bay," may be confused with one another. However, all bays have "black points" - a black mane, tail and lower legs. Light-colored sorrels, sometimes called "blond sorrels," especially if they have flaxen manes and tails, may resemble a palomino. However, true palomino coloration is the result of a horse's being heterozygous for the cream dilution gene.

Some say that sorrel is a self color, and should be used to describe only horses whose mane, tail, and legs are the same color as the rest of the coat, with the exception of possible white markings below the knee or hock; others use "sorrel" only for reddish-brown horses with flaxen manes and tails, and use "chestnut" when reddish-brown coloration appears as a self color.[citation needed]

More often than not, the practical difference is usually not in color, but in usage: horses ridden in the Western tradition are more often referred to as sorrel and horses ridden in the English tradition are chestnut. Many organizations simply avoid the whole fuss and choose one of the two terms to denote all reddish or brown colorations that are not bay.
Reply:A sorrel is a type of chestnut that comes in a beautiful reddish brown. They are gorgeous (at least I think so) but in fox trotters they are far too common.

One thing to keep in mind is that various breeds have different names. Arabians simply say chestnut to all shades. In fox trotters the picture Amelia posted would be a light chestnut. The picture Aijerene and Kristina posted would be a typical sorrel color with some horses being more red still.
Reply:Sorrel and chestnut are the same things in most breeds, however a few breed associations recognize them as different colors. I believe that AQHA actually claims a difference with sorrel being the lighter, more orangish-red color that usually has a mane/tail of the same color, or flaxen in the mane/tail, whereas chestnut is the darker red/brownish and can vary into the dark liver chestnut. Typically the chestnuts have darker manes.

Just in generally speaking, you can use them interchangeably, but some breeds, like Thoroughbreds, do not recognize "sorrel" as a color....all would be called "chestnut" regardless of shade. I think sorrel is the term more used for stock breeds, chestnut more for hunter type breeds, etc. Hope this makes sense!
Reply:Sorrel is another word for chestnut.

Its not necessarily a liver chestnut. Actually, it's most often used to describe a more reddish chestnut, such as this one:

Hope to have helped =]
Reply:I never herd that to

But i do belive it is a liver chestnut.

WHAT color should the foal turn out??

i am gonna breed a sorrel quarter horse with a buckskin quarter horse/appaloosa and i think it might turn out like the mother but idk the mother is the sorrel do you no what it might turn out like???

WHAT color should the foal turn out??
If your breeding a Sorrel to a Buckskin you are most likely to get a Buckskin or a Bay. Well that's what mostly came from my experience. However I have heard from friends who Sorrel Stallion (who was bred with a Buckskin Mare) threw a Chestnut and later a Palomino from the same Sire. It would be hard to tell as Appaloosa's have different genes. You should try this site:

Show name for my horse?

I have a 14 year old sorrel QH gelding. He has a star, strip, snip on his nose, and three socks. His registered name is Mr. Boot Scoot Boogey and his barn name is Dudley. I've been using his registered name for his show name for a while now and I think it's time for a change.

Show name for my horse?
I'd register him as "the all star Dudley".But that's just me.
Reply:sence he has a blaze on his face, maybe "Stars And Stripes". you could also do "Dudley's Pride" or "Dudley Fast". just pick something cute.
Reply:i love names and helping to name an animal so here goes! LOL!

Amen to Love

American Chocolate

American Joker

Angel Luck

Breath In

Breath of Darkness

Can't's Don't Make Do's

Creed To Life

Devil's Heart

Dyminite Demon

Freedom Ring

Give 'n Take

Glory March

Lingering Kiss

Lighting Ghost

Lost In The Moment

Milk Chocolate

Mr.Hershey Kiss

My Hot Chocolate

Never Too Late

Near the Begining

Not On Your Love

Not On Your Pride (or Life or Kiss or Demons)

Patrotic Pride

Patrotic Bliss

Sidelong Glance

White Lighting

Wishful Thinking

Victory Dance

hope i helped a lil bit...... dont forget you can choose your faveroite names and take a pen and paper and come up with a combined name that will rock the show ring! Good luck!
Reply:How about Dudley Dursley, like from Harry Potter? lol, jk.

Believe it or Not

Rare Opportunity

Little Bit of Heaven

Golden Knight


Sunshine on my Shoulder

The Easy Button

A Walk in the Park

Hope I could help!!
Reply:take it from the master

along for the ride
Reply:Why not call your horse "Auschwitz"?
Reply:well i like Mr. Boot Scoot Boogey but what about Diddly Dudley Do or that star Dudley

idk hope this helped
Reply:suger star
Reply:how about Mr.Boots,or just an easy name that you like and describes him,if you would'uv' put his personality down it would be much ezer 4 some1 to pick a name 4 your cute QH geld,(looked at the pic)
Reply:don't get those names... you should name it something that u thought of isn't it your horse?
Reply:Dudley Do Right


Star Trip

Trimmed to the Finish

Ready, Set, JUMP

Star Burst


End With Applause
Reply:you don't always have to have a show name when i go to the show I'll use the horses name
Reply:You should call your horse nova. That means super star

How much is my horse worth???

my horse is a very calm, gentle horse. she srands for farrier and baths and loves having attention. she comes up to you when she is in the pasture. she is easy to catch and easy to saddle. you can easily saddle her in 5 minutes. she doesn't buck, kick, nor bite you. you can walk underneith her and behind her and make loud noises of all sorts and she will not get scared. she has been doing barrel racing for 3yrs and has had professional training in it. she runs in times of 15 through 18 seconds. she has never came lower than 3rd place at any competition. she has never knocked down a barrel in her entire life. she has been doing jumping for about 2 months now and she can jump up to 3 1/2ft. in just the second week of training she could jump 2ft. she is very pretty and lovable. she doesn't get spooked too easily and is really easy to ride. she is sorrel with 4 white stockings and a white blaze down her face.

i was thinking of selling her. how much do you think she is worth to sell for???

How much is my horse worth???
I would want to know bloodlines, too, and at what level is she running barrels. It would mean a lot more if she is a 1D horse than if she had been entered in local playdays or open shows. It could mean the difference in $2000 and $20,000!
Reply:3,000 is what id sell her for
Reply:I would say $5,000. If she was younger I would $8,000
Reply:seems like a great horse.

If i were you, and i had to sell her/him, i would go for ..

13,000 OBO (or best offer)
Reply:$15000- she sounds very nice, but is older.
Reply:Height? Age? More information! She sounds like a great horse! Goodluck!
Reply:I don't know, but I'd like to see some pictures because my husband is actually looking for a good barrel racing horse. PLEASE contact me!
Reply:why would you sell such an awesome horse? but i am sure you have your reasons i don't know what the market is like in your area so i cant exactly tell you how much she is worth in my area you can find horses like her in the price range $1500 and up,the best thing for you to do is look at other horses for sale in your area that are similar to her and go from there
Reply:If I were you I'd keep her. Why do you want to sell her? She is perfect! Anyways. I think acouple thousands.
Reply:Yes, she sound like a very valuable horse. Spinout980 had a good idea too, a link to a few photos would help in determening a lot.
Reply:Why do you want to sell your horse?
Reply:well it depends where you live, but in az she is worth about $4,000-$5,000.

ask yourself these things too:

is she good on trails

how old is she

does she trailer well

any major health problems.

does she have a good pedigree

is she registered

does she have good ground manners

does she stand when you want to saddle her

how tall is she

what breed

these are things you will want to mabye mention in your ad.
Reply:My oh my why would you want to sell a horse like that? That's a one in a million horse! You didn't really have enough detail. Like the person said above me, you need to know more things such as blood lines because that could REALLY vary your prices.
Reply:Your horse is worth a good home and caring owners, you should let the price be flexible!
Reply:well it is hard without age.bloodline,and what kind of horse she is but i would say if you really want to sell her 1,500-7,000 but you should post another question with a pic you really have to have a pic of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope this helps and good luck
Reply:i think she is worth like $ 5000.00 from what youre telling me
Reply:Your horse is worth as much as someone wants to pay.
Reply:Honestly there is no way anyone on here could tell you how much your horse is worth because we don't know her.

To you she could be worth a million... but to someone else she could be worth $500.

It depends on your location, the market for that particular kind of horse there.

Temperment has alot to do with how a horse sells. We on YA dont' know what kind of temperment she has.

How old? What color is she, her height, does she have papers- any good bloodlines- horses with excellent pedigrees can sell for upwards of 45,000 just from thier bloodlines.

What breed is she? Is she good with kids? Can a novice rider handle her or will she require an experienced rider?

Are you going to try and sell her mainly as a barrel horse or a jumper?

Is she struturally correct? Has she been vet checked sound? Does she get along with other horses?

I'm not very "jumper" oriented but know that in that profession some horses can sell and be quit pricey. However I do know the barrel racing aspect of it.

Here are a few question I would ask if i were interested in buying her as a barrel horse.

How long has she been running barrels? Who did she have professional training with? What did THEY say about her?

Does she have a willing attitude when it comes to running? Is she gate sour? Where have you run her? Local playdays or open shows? That makes a big difference when you say 1D or 3D. My horses that are for sale have run at the professional level... we have been on the pro rodeo circut tour for a year now. How long have you owned her? Has she been in any accidents of any sort (I.E. leg caught in fence, run through barbed wire etc.)

What you did tell us about your horse is a GREAT start! What you stated are definately questions i would have asked- does she clip, load, bathe, etc.- These are just SOME questions that i could think of off the top of my head. I'm sure there are ALOT more.There are SOOOO many question that need to be answered when selling horses. It is impossible for us to tell you how much she is worth over the internet and not even seeing this horse! Pictures would obviously help but still we wouldn't be able to give you an accurate price.

I would have a proffessional give you an opinion, maybe a person you barrel race with... or how about the trainer that trained her to barrel race. I'm sure they could give you a more round about answer than we could on here.

And last but not least, prices on horses vary alot with people. Like i said to begin with. She could be worth a million to you but $500 to someone else. I would put a price tag on her that you are happy with, that YOU! think she is worth... how much is she worth to you? If you were buying this horse, how much would you pay for her?

I really hope I helped and you get the answers you are looking for about your horse.

(PS... to get money for a horse is always a good thing... but to me its more about the satisfaction of knowing that that particular horse i sold... went to a great home and will be used to his fullest potential)

Again good luck.

if you can be of any further assistance you can email me.
Reply:it depends a lot on the breed even with all those characteristics but she is a jumping horse you said so that raises the value to mabey 15 grand and im sure sombody would want a great horse lik that so i would say mabey 15 to 10 grand and she is in barrel competitions so that might raise the price to 17 to 13 grand you would get a lot of money for this horse
Reply:First of all, a horse should not be jumping 3'6 after only 2 months of jumping, maybe free jumping but definitely not with a rider.

I don't really think anyone on here is going to be able to fully answer your question. I would suggest having a trainer or an appraiser come out to your farm and take a look at her, as there are many factors that can bring the value up or down. You might also want to consider finding a top notch barn that takes consignments, as someone is going to be more likely to spend more at a nicer barn than out of someones backyard.
Reply:dont sell your horse because it can be your life saver or friend at times of distree or trouble and if you want to sell it the price can be 2ooooo$ according to its breed or age.

casual shoes

Things I haven't thought about in a while?

Cooking Sunday lunch with Mommy.

Just so the other day memories of shelling peas crossed my mind. I hated those worms but I loved eating the raw peas. Remember cutting those thorny things off the sorrel and getting all that fuzzy stuff in your fingers? Making grapefruit juice with bitters. Cleaning callaloo bush. You had to snap and pull the stem, then take out the sections from between the ribs in the leaf. Back then it was of utmost importance that there be no stem. Picking rice and grating cheese for the macaroni pie. Using that long tube shaped macaroni you can't get here in States. Learning to cut up chicken. My parts were unrecognizable. My first stew chicken. It was sweeet, and I mean that literally. lol. Peeling provision, making potato salad. Mommy passing and taking a taste to check the seasoning. Cutting veggies for fried rice. Music. Always. Good times...

What warm memories do you have of things you did with your parents as a child?

Things I haven't thought about in a while?
Hear nah.. I on dis yahoo answers for months now and is only now i checkin out dis trinbago forum. I jess so glad to see it yuh hear!

Yes gyal.. ah echo all dem sweet memories u put up here fuh we tuh read:)

Dey sweet too bad. Warm up meh heart as I recall similar if not identical moments in life growing up in Trinidad.

I remember cleanin de house out fuh christimas. Gosh dat was hard wok in we skin, but de joys of preparing for de big day wit all de christmas carols peeling over de hills. De " Christimas breeze" blowing cool and full of de smell of paint and bakin ham and bread and cake mixed in to it...De sweetness of it can only be lived.

Another ting. Dem old ladies climbin de hills. In Belmont where I grow up had reaaaaal tall hills. Up in Belle Eau Road dem hill could break man back. But talk bout fun up dey? Growing up with a larger population of boys to girls we girls had to learn how tuh run ball jess like dem fellas. Climb coconut tree and smoothe guava trees. Dem guavas aye cork only ONE ah we in we days. hehe.

I remember we had ah wall with ah big ole ditch near de guava tree. Dem fellas go jess stay dry so from de wall and jump over to de guava tree in one leap. Well my friend Camie feel she was ah boy and gorn and jump. Well CHILE! hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. all we see was pink dress flyin like bat in de air and Camie land on de grong in ah huff ah pink frills. Well who aye pee deyself laffin went over tuh ask she if she was orrite. I was not one ah dem.

Gyal de memories are endless yet dey will live in we hearts and we go pass it on to we chirren up here. I living in Canada for ah lil while now but my husband is trini too and is so we does crack up here over we childhood memories. Pothound dog chassin yuh, madmen talkin tuh deyself all over port of lil chinese man shop sellin prunes and peppa mango, de teacher big stick she use tuh cut yuh tail wit...getting ah " drop " in yuh neighbour car when yuh walk up de road...

Look .. lemme stop before i write ah book.. hehe

talk care eh love

nice question dey

Reply:I can't remember my childhood, I killed those brain cells with alcohol :)

Well besides the licks........Christmas was the only time we actually came back to Trinidad, but I could remember the food, and the smell of the house all clean and freshly painted and trying to stay up to see Santa.
Reply:i remember going to the market on Sundays to buy provisions, crabs, seasonings for Sunday lunch; bread, and black pudding for Sunday breakfast. i remember cooking sunday lunch w/my mom too. i hated picking callaloo bush, being extra careful it don't "scratch" meh and cutting up carrots and sweet peppers for fried rice. i also remember the first time i try to cook some stew chicken for meh mother. i bun the sugar too much!! i was about 10!

i also remember my father picking me from school on friday evenings and taking me to the mall for ice-cream or taking me to the beach to get the red out of my eye when i had red eye.

xmas time was nice too. my parents would go food shopping and bring home "plenty food". my mother's friends made puncheon. my mother baked black cakes, i would help her by licking the bowl and spoon. she still makes them too! i remember putting away the house for xmas/new years and waiting on xmas eve for my relatives from the US to come.






Reply:You question let on a wild goose chase, I am with you on the pea shelling,I, love to watch those little worms wiggling their little body.
Reply:Hunting with daddy (still have a very good safety practices with firearms), going for crayfish, camping in Toco, spending the whole August vacation in Tobago (Uncle John was posted there as a Customs Officer) even cleaning the yard on Saturdays. Oh and learing to fix bike, meh daddy help me with dat ! Mommy teach me to cook but that was later on like in late teens
Reply:walking barefoot down to the park with my best friend, susan. jumping up and walking along the sea wall...hanging out there until the sun came down. weekend trips to mayaro...shark/bake on the beach. yummie! shadow benny sauce to top the shark/bake...everyone liming at our house on a lazy sunday afternoon....
Reply:i still love shelling peas even though i dont like the taste of fresh pigeon peas. lol. and hated cutting up all that carrots in tiny tiny 'perfect' cubes for fried rice.

talking bout stew chicken..lmao, girl d first time ah stew chicken, ah bun d sugar too much. ah try again, it come out sweet, sweet, ah ent complain, ah try ah third time, it still ent come out good, sooooo, i stopped stewing chicken until bout 2 years ago. ah guess age does help, cause ah figure out exactly what to do to stew d chicken dat time. but ah does make ah mean bake chicken, never had a problem there lol.

but i remember my grandfather cutting cane for d patch behind the house, and we playing big and want to peel cane with we teeth, and then cant bite off the knots. lol.

Picking peas looking for stone, and having to wash rice. lol

Walking to church on ah sunday evening, everybody in the house, no questions asked - EVERYBODY, cause we could not tell my grandmother that we ent going to church! and we had neighbours along the route that going the same church with us, so it would start of with our family, and end up with bout 4 families by the time we got to church. and all of us chatting along the way. lol. Church was about 10 minutes walk from home btw. That used to be realll fun.

My grandmother kept a Thanksgiving every year until she died, so it would be packing the thanksgiving bag with all my aunts and cousins, and peeling 100lbs ah potato d night before, and my granddad cutting up mango for amchar. this is where i learn to make sugarcake btw. lol. and the best part of all ah this is all the sugarcake, fudge, kurma, cake, sweetbread, and other snacks it would have in the house after wards.
Reply:Good question!

Some of my warmest memories are of playing mas with my Mother. I spent some of my formative years living in the United States while my father attended school. We moved to Trinidad when I was 10 years old. Even though I was born there, coming home was like entering a strange new world.

My mother was very interested in indoctrinating my sister and me into the culture pronto. We started playing mas in primary school in Kiddie's Carnival, but one of my proudest days was when I was old enough to play "Big Mas". The first time I crossed that Savannah stage (under Mommy's ever watchful eye) I thought I had died and gone to heaven! My sister and I still play mas and fete with our parents to this day.
Reply:Getting up at 4:00am on Saturday morning to go Orange Valley to buy fresh fish with my Dad... and then coming home to make fry fish with my Mom.. moonshine was my favourite....a lil mayo, lime and pepper sauce...yum.... steups.. now a hungry...

Also for Easter we used to drive around the whole island... somewhow we always used to be in Mayaro or Manzan to beat people booboolee on de side of de road....
Reply:baking xmas cookies with my mom, making pizza with my dad. Going out to the country to pick strawberries and eating more and having diarhea. My mom letting me lick the beaters.
Reply:Driving to Mayaro or Manzanilla beach and stopping in Sangre Grande for drinks then just before Manzanilla for poulorie and doubles. We would swim, then eat then swim again then get out of the sandy bathing suits before we went home (that was always a treat cause I always thought people were watching us). Warm memories. Thanks for asking Gibbsy!
Reply:I have warm memories of my mother making roti seeing her

grinding the dahl the smell of the geera and waiting to sink my teeth into the roti while it hot. My cousins and I were playing in the yard one night and one of them said to me that my mother was making roti I was not aware of this so I said I don't think so. We argued for a bit with his brother even siding with me. So eventually I decided to settle the matter by going upstairs to find out and there she was in the kitchen bilnah in hand making roti I was about nine years old. When my mother made roti she would send some for my cousins and their parents because she enjoyed sharing and everyone enjoyed eating her roti and curry!
Reply:sitting on my fathers shoulder and enjoying j'ouvert

Need name suggestions for this horse?

Hi everyone. I need some great suggestions for names for this AQHA foal. Here are the requirements:

20 characters max, include spaces

Grandfather is the great horse Luke At Me

Sire is: Leavin em lukin

Dam is: Marina Del Rey

Name must contain some reference to Luke or Lukin. Something that shows who the grandsire or sire is. You can also use some of the dams name, as long as the Luke or Lukin is there. Play on words is fine, like "Luke But Don't touch"...things like that. Just be careful of the 20 character rule for AQHA.

I would really appreciate it! This is a super bred horse and needs a name to be proud of at major shows. Thanks for our time and god bless.

I have purchased this horse for the big shows. It is in utero, so can't go on color, but it will most likely be bay, black or small possibility of sorrel.

(Just wanted to add: I also own a great grade gelding who has made me proud at open shows. I love you, Riley and I will NEVER sell you. : )

Need name suggestions for this horse?
Alright, I have put a lot of thought into this, here's what I've come up with...

Lukes Like A Winner

Luke A Celebrity

Who You Lukin At

Luke Whos Talking

I really hope you like these, I know that I kept in mind that your horse will most likely be a winner in the shows- good luck!
Reply:Lukinbach at you
Reply:Lukes Good To Me.
Reply:i think u got the name luke but dont touch or sounds kinda stupid but luke at rey so if its a male u can nickname him ray
Reply:lukin back at Luke

leading Luke towards

forward lukin Luke

Luke leadin the way
Reply:Del Rey Luke
Reply:Whos Lukin At Me