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Need the artists to these soca/parang songs?

People, I have googled my fingers off and I cannot find the artists to these songs. I got this CD from roti shop in Queens, NY from a really nice guy who sold his stuff out of a garbage bag. Only $5US.

Anyhow, the jacket only lists the title of the songs, but not the artist. Please help a Trini out, nah, and provide me with the names of the artists?

1. Tra La La (This is a song about Santa..the chorus goes, no kidding...Sing tra tra la la la)

2. Trini Christmas (is the bes'...I give him ham and bread together with a pastelle, ginger beer, ponch a creme and sorrel)

3. Play the Parang Song (Soca Parang on meh mind, de sweetest music at Christmas Time, ah want to wine and jump and play the soca parang)

4. Spanish Confusion (Give me rum, give me whiskey, give something to eat....)

5. Be Le (Female - come be le be le with me)

I realise this a music question and not a travel one, but I know my very intelligent fellow Trinis does lime in this category. Please and thank you!

Need the artists to these soca/parang songs?
Song #2 - the artist is Susan Maicoo - she was one of the original soca parang singers

Song # 4 - Spanish Confusion is Flores de San Jose - Singer is Sharlene Flores

Good thing you wrote some of the lyrics because that helped me remember :-)

Enjoy yuh Christmas trini! Sorry I couldn't help out with the other 3 songs..
Reply:1. -

2.Trini Soca - Susan Macio

3.Play the Parang Soca - Bindley B

4.Spanish Confusion – Sharlene Flores %26amp; Flores de San Jose

Reply:are they new for 2006? did u try scrunter? go to toronto lime.
Reply:1. don't know

2. susan maico

3. binley b(from tobago)

4. charlene flores w/flores de san jose(i remember that one well, i was still in primary school)

5. don't know.
Reply:No 1. don't know.

No. 2. Susan Daniel Maiccoo

No3. don't know

No. 4. La Flores de San Jose

No 5. Don't know

PS The one's i've written 'don't know', i will enquire around. i am familiar with these songs but not aware of the name of the artists.
Reply:i think the number 2 one is charlene flores...

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